Matthew Thorley is a multi-disciplinary artist investigating positive and negative space in the built environment. Inspired by contemporary architecture's reduction of elements with an emphasis on form, Thorley is focussing on the study of light interacting with reflective surfaces. Developing a contemporary evaluation of constructed spaces with the intention of interpreting alternative understanding through the use of these installations.

Thorley’s process originates from spending extended time with a specific space, allowing various angles of inquiry to develop abstract representations. The work invites the viewer to apply a softened focus and respond to a moment of contemplation.

Thorley’s practice asks the viewer to consider the work as a static object that aspires to the act of movement.

Matthew Thorley
I inhale so that you can exhale
I pause so that you can pause
I don't exist so that you can appreciate consciousness.
Formed acrylic, tinted acrylic, mirrored acrylic.
106 x 106 x 16cm.

Image Credit: ANDRÉ AVILA.