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Matthew Thorley has been awarded the 2016 Overall Runner-Up Award.

This prestigious award recognises the artistic, creative and innovative skills of professional Western Australian contemporary artists. Presenting a cross section of the Western Australian contemporary art scene, each year it brings together a diverse selection of artists working in a broad array of media. The Award significantly contributed to the development of the City of Joondalup Art Collection through the acquisition of the winning artwork.

The annual City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award proudly demonstrates the City’s ongoing commitment to the promotion of high calibre Western Australian contemporary art.

Matthew Thorley Cloud Break 2016 Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award CIAA
Tinted Acrylic, Neon, reflective film.
110 x 110 x 40 cm
Matthew Thorley artist Inter-reflection 2016 Joondalup CIAA
Tinted Acrylic, Mirrored Acrylic, MDF, LED's
80 x 50 cm (Dimensions variable)
Matthew Thorley artist Maquette 2016 Joondalup CIAA
Tinted Acrylic
30 x 40 cm